Multi-Strategy Crypto Focused Trading

About RenGen

RenGen is a privately owned multi-strategy trading firm focused on crypto assets.

Our emphasis on systematic and risk-based management has driven seven years of consistent all weather investment success, capturing the attractive risk-adjusted returns available from crypto assets.

RenGen was founded in 2015, with the notion of combining crypto market expertise and traditional trading skills. We utilize technology to discover trading opportunities within crypto markets as decentralized infrastructure continues to develop.



We aim to break down the traditional barriers often present between teams at trading firms, bringing together informed perspectives, actionable insights and a holistic view of the universe of crypto-trading opportunities.

The resultant funnel of information flow gives us a strong competitive advantage and keeps us at the forefront of crypto trading.


We seek individuals with a high degree of integrity who can operate as independent decision-makers and managers, backed by our capital, infrastructure and well established industry reach.

We focus on giving our team the ability to adapt and try new things, placing a high value on trust and relationships, as well as skill and enthusiasm.


Leading-edge crypto execution and portfolio management infrastructure provide the tools for success in today’s complex and ever-changing trading environment.

Our quantitative trading framework is second to none, incorporating unique in-house capabilities.

Risk Management

Our core competency of risk management has allowed us to thrive and navigate through all weather crypto markets for over seven years.

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If you're a traditional asset class trader looking to make the transition into crypto, or an experienced crypto enthusiast wanting to explore working with a best in class team then please get in touch.         

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